• masks are required to be worn in our waiting room

  • teachers will be wearing a mask at all times

  • sanitization station in our waiting room

  • maximum 6 people in waiting room on designated socially distanced spots

  • maximum 4-6 students in class

  • SOCIAL BUBBLE CLASSES - if you are already bubbled with 4-6 students or are in the same class at school & would like them to remain together in dance class to lessen exposure contact Laurie about times available

  • 6 foot x 6 foot squares are marked out on the studio floors for dancers to dance in to maintain proper social distancing

  • the centre from each box is 10-12 feet apart

  • 15 min breaks between each class to allow for floors to be washed, surfaces cleaned & dancers to exit the studio & parking lot before next set of dancers arrive. 

  • if a dancer is taking more than 1 class back to back they will be asked to wait on a designated socially distanced spot in the waiting room or studio while cleaning occurs

  • washrooms cleaned frequently throughout studio hours

  • THANK YOU for all your patience & help to ensure everyone's health & safety during this time

Mask Display



  • Self asses at home before leaving by visiting      

  • If you or anyone you live with has had contact with anyone who has tested positive, is experiencing symptoms or have been out the province within 14 days prior we ask that you stay home

  • Submit our Registration Waiver before your first class

  • Arrive no more than 5 mins early to allow the previous class time to exit the parking lot

  • Arrive dressed to dance.  Limit items coming into the studio to a FULL water bottle, dance shoes & mask

  • If the waiting room already has 6 people in it, wait patiently socially distanced outside before entering

  • If your dancer is old enough to enter alone please let them do so to limit bodies

  • If your dancer is younger, once they are in class safely please wait for them in your car

  • Masks are required in the waiting room - dancers included

  • Visit the sanitization station when entering & exiting

  • Dancers will be asked to enter the studio 1 at a time to their socially distanced box marked on the floor.  Once in their box they may remove their mask to dance, placing it with their water bottle inside their own box.  Masks will be put back on to exit the studio

  • Washrooms will be available for emergencies.  We would appreciate use of your home washroom before arrival when possible.